kay ♡ 23 ♡ she/her
bi | white | cancer

do not follow if:

x you are lgbt+phobic, misogynistic, racist, like south park killing stalking camp camp etc, basically, if you’re an asshole don’t follow/interact
x you are part of the cgl / ddlg / little communities - any kink communities don’t even bother
x post suicidal / self harm posts untagged often - these are HUGE triggers for me, i'm sorry !
x you know me irl [safety reasons]


☆ pm’s scare me so please talk / interact with me via asks or replies
☆ soft block to break mutuals
☆ i don’t need anything tagged except !
☆ i read links before i follow back
☆ i speak both english & spanish !

these are me!



sophie (hmc) | pikachu (pkmn) | alice (ph)
aerith & luna (ff) | nami (op)

[ also me but not the main me ]
snow white (once) | saber (fate) | mc3 (mm)
furret (pkmn) | plusle (pkmn) | felicity (ac)

i’m also cat, cow, & angel kin! 

all of these are important but bolded are more!
all are within my ability & doubles are cute !

comfort characters!


🌻 shizuo (drrr) | howl (hmc) | prompto (ff) 🌻

lesser cc’s that i’ll list:
kagome (inu) | haruhi (ohshc) | gilbert (ph)
jumin (mm) | daisy (dd) | haise/kaneki (tg)
booker (bio) | noct + ignis + gladio (ff)
kiba (wr) | harry (sh)